Monday, March 4, 2013

The End and The Beginning: The Eternal Cycle

Every end is marked by a new beginning.
After the worst destruction, slow reformation begins.
Even the darkest nights give away to gentle sunshine.
The imminent beginning of our Universe was preceded by its "ultimate" destruction.
After a deadly apocalypse, the budding life soon blossoms.
If you point out any end of the circle, that same point is also the beginning.
Every destination is also a beginning of a new journey.

Your mission reached or failed, your goals fulfilled or not, your dreams realized or broken;
Your past was good or bad. Regardless, it's not the end.

Everything has happy endings; if it's not happy, it's not the end.
If you think it is the end; then it's also a sign of a new beginning.

Never give up, Keep trying, Keep shining and most importantly:
Keep Trailing on Your Untrailed Path.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Hospitalized but still I fly -An Inspiring Poem for World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day. Each year 4th of February is celebrated as "World Cancer Day" to increase the awareness about Cancer- Word's Deadliest Disease. Each year 13.6 million people are diagnosed and 7.6 million people die of Cancer.
This poem celebrates those who let their spirits, hopes and courage fly unbounded even when Cancer has imprisoned their bodies. Each verse has been written to represent the flight of a bird.

"Eyes wet, hands are shaking;
For test reports you're waiting.
When you hold it, you wonder,
How could it all go wrong, still ponder.
Those silent prayers yield this answer?
That you're diagnosed with cancer.

The body is hospitalized but not the heart or soul;

Dreams, Passions, Emotions, my love and my goals

Cancer can take away few tissues or cells;
But can't really harm my true inner-self.
All it needs a little try
Like a bird rising in the sky,
All the suffering I defy,
I don't fear, Look into its eyes,
Like a bird rising in the sky
Unchained, Unharmed, Unbeaten I fly.

The nurse comes and pricks the needle in
Drop by drop, the medicine pours in.
The muscles twitch and the head's spinning,
A rush of pain, through the skin.
The clocks ticking, the hope flickering;
It's a tough battle to win.

The body is hospitalized but not the heart or soul;
Dreams, Passions, Emotions, My Love and My Goals
Cancer can take away few tissues or cells;
But can't really harm my true inner-self.
All it needs a little try
Like a bird rising in the sky,
All the suffering I defy,
I don't fear, Look into it's eyes,
Like a bird rising in the sky
Unchained, Unharmed, Unbeaten I fly.

Lost the hair but not the hope,
Climbing through this steep slope.
The body feels weak, but the heart's strong;
Everything's getting right which was once wrong.
Now the chemo is a habit and radiation a trip;
The climb is almost done, don't loosen the grip.

The body is hospitalized but not the heart or soul;
Dreams, Passions, Emotions, my love and my goals
Cancer can take away few tissues or cells;
But can't really harm my true inner-self.
All it needs a little try
Like a bird rising in the sky,
All the suffering I defy,
I don't fear, Look into it's eyes,
Life a bird rising in the sky
Unchained, Unharmed, Unbeaten I fly.

Now I don't sigh and I don't cry asking,

"Why I?"

Now the tears are dry and with sparkling eyes;
I fly high in the enthralling sky.
I fly, I fly."

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Boy and The Holy River- A story of Love, Loss and a Great Purpose

It had been less a year since the boy had begun to row boat in the river Ganges in the famous city of Benares in India.

The boy remembered floating paper boats in the roadside streams in rains while his father rowed the larger boat in the river. He had no mother or siblings. And one day his father went very far in the river but never returned. He didn’t go to school, but knew how to row boat; so he lent one, gave ride to tourists who gave him money in return.

The boy hated the river for she took away his father yet he depended on it to feed himself.

One day the boy sat on his boat crying heavily while a fellow boatman was trying to console him “The boat owner has beaten me again! He said if I don’t bring him back enough money, he’ll lent the boat to someone else and would throw me in the river to die just like my father. But the wicked tourists are so rare now-a-days.”

“Don’t worry! Diwali is near and in the night all people of the city and far beyond, go for boating. You’ll earn more than enough.” the boatman said, the boy looked at him; he was twice of his size and also stunk twice as much. He nodded. The boy impatiently waited for the day of Diwali for he hadn’t earned much money.

Finally the day arrived, the banks were more crowded than ever and there were more boats than he had ever seen. He waited eagerly for tourists to ride in his boat but boatmen older than him kept on pushing his boat far from the ghat*, so the boat was out of reach of tourists. It was getting dark and young girls and old women were floating earthen lamps in the river and on the ghats, the priests were worshiping the river, holding and moving lamps in clockwise circles in Aarti*, people were worshiping, clapping and carried the lamps in their boats. The chants were enchanting. It was a magical experience: whole river turned golden- red, the light slashed through the darkness of new moon night and lightened everything. The boy was so lost in the experience that he had almost forgotten why he was there, until a strange man with shaved head, deep eyes and saffron robs appeared, asking for a boat ride accompanied with a woman who also wore similar robes.

The boy rowed the boat with the man calmly sitting and woman cherishing the view. “It’s so enchanting Man of Wisdom!” she exclaimed. “This man is made up of flesh and blood, how can he be made up of wisdom?” the boy asked, looking confused. The woman laughed, the man smiled but the boy only got more confused.

“10 years ago when I came here for the last time, the city was less developed but the river was cleaner. The water was so clear that you could see the beautiful fishes and could drink the water but now it stinks” the man said. “Yes! The city is developed; they’ve even got pizzas here, traditional though. I bought one from a pizzeria on the ghat, it’s delicious!” the woman said in an excited tone. “Firangan*, come to my house and I’ll make dal-roti* for you, and you’ll forget the taste of pizzha.” the boy said defensively.

“The people from around the World come here to bathe in the river to wash their sins, drink, store and carry this water thinking it’d bring them good luck, pour it in the mouths of new born and dead ones citing it’d purify their bodies, use it to wash their idols thinking the Gods would be pleased, float lamps thinking that the river would grant them wishes and fulfill their desires and throw the remains of the dead ones thinking they’d go to heaven. This city is most ancient in the world and the river is the reason that people still flourish here. Half of Indians still live on its water. The whole Indian civilization exists because this river exists.” the man said looking blankly at distance, while the boy and the woman calmly listened.

After a pause, he continued “Yet these same people throw industrial waste, pour the drainage of cities, sewage from their homes, wash their animals, throw trash, submerge idols and dead bodies, wash their clothes, utensils, excreta and pollute the river. The water is unfit for irrigation let alone drinking.” Man of Wisdom said with moist eyes. On hearing this, the boy suddenly looked nauseated and dropped the oars. He was about to vomit in the river but Man of Wisdom turned his head and he vomited in the boat.

“You’re right. We call this river our mother yet rape it everyday. It gives us so much but we always want more and more.” the boy said sincerely. “Your City of Burning, Learning and Earning owes it all to the river.” Man of Wisdom said. “My mother was cremated on that Manikarnika Ghat” the boy pointed to one bank; “I learnt to row boat from my father there on Assi Ghat” the boy pointed in the horizonAnd earn mostly from boating around Dashashwamedh Ghat.” the boy said, that’s all he could make from Man of Wisdom’s statement.

“Do you want to do something for the river?” Man asked. “Yes! I won’t pee in it anymore!” the boy said, woman laughed but Man of Wisdom became serious. “You also drink its water and give it back, completing the cycle, eh?” he asked in a loud tone. “You know wisdom, you can’t control sometimes when you’re in the middle of the river and ghats are too far. But I’d do anything you’d say to save the river.” the boy said firmly.

“Paint your boat with positive messages and…” Man said; “It’s not my boat” boy said; “I’ll buy you one” the woman said. “OK but I can’t read, how would I know if the message is positive or negative?” the boy asked again. “Would you like to go to school? I also want to do something for the river; I’d stay and teach children here love the city and river. We’ll boat together, organize campaigns and ask other tourists and residents to help” the woman said. Both boy and Man of Wisdom nodded in affirmative.

They had come far in river where there were no other boats. It was all dark but the lamp in their boat was beaming, fighting with the wind and the darkness.

Three months later…
 “Can we three people really make the river Better, while millions still pollute it? What three are to millions?” the boy asked, looking depressed. They had bought a few boats, began a small school where children were educated for free and their families were avowed to protect the river and not to contaminate it. It was funded by the royalty from books, the profits from woman’s farms in Canada and the income from the boats. Soon Man of Wisdom’s disciples from around the planet joined the campaign and it also gained the support of local activists and enthusiastic tourists.

“All great things begin with small efforts. All big achievements begin with simple ideas and passionate people. Now from three we’re three hundred, soon we might become thousands and as the number of people who protect and clean the river increases, the number of people who pollute it decreases. May be one day everyone would care and no one would dare to pollute it. We live and work for that future.” Man of Wisdom said calmly and darkened the "WE" on an awareness poster he was making.

The boy on hearing this ran to his boat, abruptly he slipped on the stair of the ghat, rolled down and fell in the river, the water was deep as the boats were tied there. The boy was an excellent swimmer, but his shirt was stuck in an anchor on the river floor and despite his best efforts he couldn't swim above to breathe. He tried to scream for help but even more water filled his mouth. He was out of air and was suffocating badly, the darkness was filling his eyes and the sun, which was moving with movement of water above him, was slowly disappearing. "I'd meet my father" he thought. Suddenly a violent thrust of water caused by under water currents teared his shirt and threw him out of water, he caught the edge of the boat. He had learnt to read and he saw the writing on his boat:
The Mother always protect us, it's time we return the favor. 
He climbed over the boat, he only had a few bruises. Grateful, he bowed with folded hands and thanked the river: his mother. He was resolute, he'll do anything to protect her, like she just protected him and return the favor.

Meaning of Hindi Words used:
Benares: A prominent ancient city, on the bank of Ganges now known as Varanasi.
Ghat: Stairs on the river bank leading to river.
Aarti: A ritual of worship with lamps and songs, offered to a deity.
Firangan: Used here in the sense of a foreign woman.
dal-roti: Most simplistic Indian food.
 Assi, Manikarnika and Dashashwamedh Ghat : Three most important ghats in Varanasi.

Click: To know more about Ganges, the Pollution in Ganges and the ways to reduce pollution. To know more about the city of Varanasi and about Diwali: The festival of Light

PLEASE take some simple, small efforts to save our rivers. Spread positive messages, use recyclable products, use phosphate free detergents, don’t throw away trash, sign petitions for Govt to take actions, encourage any farmer of your acquaintance to not use pesticides or insecticides,  if you live near a river educate yourself and your children about the importance of protecting rivers.
If you like this story, then please share it with others.

Remember: It’s still in our hands to recover our rivers from most of the damage, 50 years later it won’t be possible. Then our children would struggles for fresh water and would blame us for ruining the water sources. According to most experts, third World War would be fought for water! With you small efforts, you can help in avoiding it.

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Till the next time, Keep Trailing on your Untrailed Path, Keep mesmerizing us with your amazing work and your passion to make the World better. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Dark of the Night - A story about finding Light in the Darkness

It was a cold dark night. Two men were chatting around fire, which was so feeble that neither of them was visible nor it could possibly provide them any comfort from the cold.
“All the wrong things happen in the night. All robberies, murders, even the devils like us are born because of the night.” one of them said while sharpening something over a rock. The other laughed a strange laugh as if chewing something. “I made a rhyme, I made a rhyme” he said in a very excited tone and then sang:
“In the Dark of the Night,
When everything gets out of sight.
Kill, steal, thrill before they put on the light;
Only idiots waste time thinking what’s wrong or right.
Before you take out the life, treasure their face with their fright;
Signal thy mate, rush to the window, quick and bright.
Don’t be scared of jumping from that height,
A robbery needs, you have that might.
We go for the kill, alright?
In the Dark of tonight!”

The man finished the song and bowed, while the other man tapped the knife on the rock as if clapping in praise. “Am just waitin’ for that little tinkilin’ candle light ove’ there, once they blow it out and begin to get naughty; we’re gonna go and slit their throats. That rich bogus would regret keeping money at his house.” he said, sliding his finger over the edge of the knife which was now sparkling with blood.

“I want his wife, as a squeeze, she’s a little cute thing. I see her at temple everyday. You sure, the King’s soldiers won’t interfere?” the man who was chewing, asked. “How’d they know if anything wrong gonna happen here? Walk like a shadow, attack like death and come out like silence.” the other replied.

Soon the candle was blown out and it was completely dark. The two men climbed the house with utmost care. “Cut the throat first” they thought and each one cut the throat of the person near him, on their bed, in their sleep. “Take everything you want” they thought and parted each other to open two treasure chests of the rich merchant. “Rush to the Window” One of the man appeared at the window. “Get lost again in the Dark of the Night” he thought but suddenly he realized his brother isn’t there. “Teeny!” he screamed his name. “I’m bitten! There was a snake in the chest! I also killed that sweet woman. Nothing’s right, in the dark of tonight! Come brother, help!” Teeny cried out loud. His brother instead tried to open the window but to no avail, it was locked. “How the hell it can get locked? It was open earlier!” he cried. Suddenly a spear struck him in the leg and he fell back.

“Fleeing? Leaving your little brother here to die?” the man knew the voice, he was right: it was the General. The soldiers had captured both the thieves, the one bitten by snake died; while the other kept crying and apologizing.
“Thank you sire!” The rich merchant, with his wife on his side said, bowing. Two mannequins, with red color flowing through their throat were lying on the bed. The thieves were fooled at every step and were finally caught. “How did you know, that we’ll rob here?” the thief asked. “Your brother followed the merchant’s wife everywhere; she complained of it to her husband, who in turn consulted to me. We tracked and saw & were delighted to find it was you. The most dangerous thief in the whole empire. We knew your brother would tell you about merchant’s wealth so he could get his hands on his wife. We knew your methods and let you in and caught you.” the general said. The thief was later put on trial and sentenced to death.
The merchant’s wife sat next to him and sang:
“Look outside it’s Beautiful Twilight,
Turn on the lights, let everything look bright.
With all their might, on their duty were our brave knights,
Now the scoundrels have been caught, Ah! What a delight!
No matter how bad it might get, in the end, the right always wins the fight,
Whether it’s in the bright of the day or the Dark of the Night.”

The merchant embraced her in an admiration and awe. He was filled with prideful joy at having such a courageous and wise wife. Then he blew out the candle without any fear. The darkness again dawned everywhere.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

On A Slow Suicidal Track- An Inspiring poem for quitting Smoking on World No Tobacco Day

"Hiding from my wife and children, I secretly walk out of the house;
I can't resist the feeling that this smoking arouse.
I light up the cigarette every hour without a brake;
Though I'd love to live long, but I know I'm walking on a Slow Suicidal Track.

Though I love her a lot, but still we often fight;
The never ending discussion of what is wrong and what is right?
I'd love to somehow fill our relation's ever occurring cracks;
Though I want to live a happy life, but with smoking, I know I'm walking on a Slow Suicidal Track.

In the price of my expensive cigarette, a hungry soul could have a meal;
In the time I finish one, 50 children would have lost their lives, it's true but seems so unreal.
I never knew with my one cigarette so much was at stake;
Though I'd like to save their lives but with smoking I find myself on a Slow Suicidal Track.

My kids don't come close to me, my breath repels them;
My wife won't love, my parents won't talk, my life, it is mayhem!
They all in one voice say, if I don't quit smoking, there won't be many candles on my birthday Cake;
I know they're right, but still I haven't quit, I'm still walking on this Slow Suicidal Track

Though I'm pretty young but I can't walk long, don't feel strong, I feel very old;
"This Cigarette is a medicine my friend", Oh! It all began with this lie that jerk sold!
The blood, the cough, the cancer and tar have filled up to my mouth and my neck;
And I being an idiot still walked on the Slow Suicidal Track.

I don't want to suffer it all just to light the fire and to give in to my pity desire;
If I don't quit I'd lose it all, now to quit it forever is what I aspire.
I suffered a lot, I had enough, this misery has to end and now there's no turning back!
I Stop, I Quit, I know I have walked enough on this Slow Suicidal track.

Please listen my friend, if you use tobacco or smoke it too,
Don't give in, the quitting is hard just in the first day or two.
Now since you've begun don't fallback, attack! there's nothing you lack,
There's no use on walking on this, let's smack! this dirty Suicidal Track!"

On this
World No Tobacco Day
Quit Smoking!
            Choose Life over Death, Choose Merry over Misery!
End the Suffering, begin the Living!
1216 people quit smoking everyday, by dying!
Please don't be part of this statistics.
If you agree with the message of the poem and you know someone who smoke, then share, pass it on and spread the words, so more people can live.

We Human, can always, have always and will always triumph over the darkest Maligns! And this is just a pity desire. Throw the cigarettes into the trash. This time let this misery smoke and disappear into this air, while you take the fresh air.

One in six person die because of smoking. To put this into context, in the US alone, tobacco kills the equivalent of three jumbo jets full of people crashing every day, with no survivors. On a worldwide basis, this equates to a single jumbo jet every hour. Source- Wikipedia (Health Effects of Smoking).

If you smoke you're a danger not to your self but to people around you, people you love, the whole society and the whole Humanity! There is a chance that 33% people around you will get the cancer and die due to Passive Smoking (Passive Smoking)

This poem is part of a collective project to make the World a Better Place, called The Project for A Better World Without Diseases, Disaster and Despair, click for more information.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tears of the Sky -An Inspiring Poem for Earth Day

Has this thought ever came into your sight?
When you looked up in the Night?
The falling rain as the tears of the sky?
The loud thunder as its loud cries?

What do you think why do you cry?
When you're hurt or someone has blown dirt in your eyes?
This is what happens with that beautiful sky,
When it rains without season as the sky cries.

'Cause you put smoke and dust in the eyes of the sky,
The toxins from industries rising  up and high.
 Now the trees are cut and the rivers are dry,
Most creatures you've killed as the living ones sigh.

Why do you always curse your mother?
The mother who suffered pain but still gave you birth?
Though you may not agree but there's still another,
The Mother who gave everything, you call earth?

And my selfish friend what would you say to your children?
When they'll live and die below the hot sun.
Without Water, food, Trees or Greenery, with just hunger, thirst and a barren land.
From yourself you run now, from your children then would you run?

Blossoming Fields, Blessing Greenery and a Happy Earth, if you want to see,
Save Water, Plant more trees and don't waste the Energy.
Don't throw what you can eat and save the Electricity;
We don't mean don't use, but please use efficiently

Don't cry, don't make excuses, don't be sad or get mad;
There's still time for us if together all of us try.
On this Earth Day see the Better World that we can have ahead,
Now let's stop the tears of the earth and tears of the Beautiful sky.

"Happy Earth Day"
Share and Spread for a Better Planet, A Brighter World and a Happy Tomorrow :)

Here are 50 simple ways in which you can save our Planet Earth.
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A World without 3-D :The Project for a Better World - A Beginning


"I want to take my last breath in a World without 3-D,
The 3-D are Diseases, Disasters and Despair.
A World without cowardice and scarce,
Where everyone lives their life without hardships or fear.

A World without Hunger and Diseases,
Where physical and mental suffering ceases.
Everyone gets and eats, to them whatever pleases,
An Unchained Harmony of Cured Human spirit, finally itself releases.

A World without Instability and Disasters,
Where millions aren't wiped by Nature's holocaustic encounters.
More lives can be saved from Tsunami, Earthquakes, Floods and Fires,
And May no matter how long this fight lasts, our spirit never retires.

A World without Grief and Despair,
Where flow of life hasn't been damaged beyond repair.
Where being Happy isn't a challenge but a breath of fresh air.
And the World is free of problems, since everyone care.

A World without Suffocation and Pollution,
Where five Elements of Nature and its creatures are free of any intoxication.
A planet where Nature's resources are repleted after their consumption,
The Earth is served not as a God but as a Mother, with devotion.

A World without Biochemical and Nuclear arsenals;
Where survival of Life of Billions, don't depend on handful of people.
A World without Drugs, Crimes and Criminals,
A World which has defeated Slavery and Illiteracy, in howsoever long Battles.

A World with Peace without Terrorism, Disputes and Wars,
A World with equality without rich or poor class.
A colorful World without skin-color induced scars.
World blessed by Gods without fights for religion or caste.

Love me or Hate me, Be with me or Against me, Support me or Oppose me;
Call it stupidity, absurdity, falsity or impossibility or better come and join hands with me.
My life is devoted, now let it take whatever it may be;
But when I'll die, you'll see, I'll take my last breath in a World without 3-D."
*The 3-D are Diseases, Disasters and Despair*
*And like all of you, I too Love 3-D movies :)*

We'll update here more about "The Project for a Better World without 3-D". There is no membership for it, if you want to see+make the World a better place, you're it's member! It's a project, a cause and an ideology. We've just begun but for a few past posts we've been posting about it. You can read them below, under "Older Posts".
Right now two people are associated with it, here's more about them-
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